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User Since: 8/20/03
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Latest Entry: I might not mean this later (1/13/04)
Last Seen: 4/10/04 @ 9:43:46 PM PST
Contact pint: Email: pinteresque at mac dot com
AIM: Pinteresque
Birthday May 5th, 1981
Location: New York City
pint in one sentence: That guy you saw at that bar who looking like he wanted to talk to you, but kept staring at his beer instead.
Full Bio:
Average height, average weight, average looking (though the glasses make me look intelligent). I'm completely disarming and chameleoid in nature; I blend and fade from memory. Just don't ask me what I think, you'll get more than you bargained for.
Where is pint headed,
What is pint doing?
I dance with books. I will continue to dance with books until it bankrupts me.
Motto: Regardless of anythign else, life is definitely interesting.
Turn Ons: Books, small Irish pubs with cheap drinks, music with thoughtful lyrics that rhyme, that can be understood and (a bonus) be from bands that no one's every heard of. Smart people rule. NPR. College Radio.
Turn Offs: Stupidity (loosely defined as the lack of a sense of humor). Loudness. Narrow vision. Music Education Majors.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Good Books. Good Music. Good Movies. Good Company.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Currently drinking beer at 6am (yikes! is it that late?), chatting on #everything, listening to This American Life and trying to figure out why the hell I'm not tired.
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