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User Since: 9/2/03
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Latest Entry: Look what the cat dragged in! (4/28/05)
Last Seen: 5/2/05 @ 2:40:52 PM PST
Contact Maverick2323: Email: maverick2323 at msn dot com
Birthday October 30th, 1984
Location: Orlando, FL
Maverick2323 in one sentence: A Complex individual with unique and exciting traits
Full Bio:
Oh how the world continues on without us. I am probably but a shell of my former self, but in a good way. Gone is the old Trent. Say hello to the new and improved Trent.

Under construction. More to follow in time
Where is Maverick2323 headed,
What is Maverick2323 doing?
To work everyday, working for Disney in Florida.
Motto: "If you aren't happy doing something or being something, stop doing it!"
Turn Ons: I really enjoy a person who doesn't judge a book by its cover and takes a person's value not by appearance and such.

I love the shoulder length brown hair and green eye combo. I prefer short girls only because most girls prefer tall guys and a tall guy I ain't.
Turn Offs: I will expand on this area in due time
Hobbies, skills, interests: Playing video games and computer games. Professional wrestling. Football and hockey and baseball oh my. Go Vikings!!!
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I still listen to pretty much everything except country save a few songs...I have been known to tear up to Tim McGraw's "Don't take the girl".

I have just recently become a Bowling for Soup fan. That is the most recent music. I watch little tv compared to when I was younger and pretty much stick to sports,wrestling and vh1. Vh1 is slowly becoming my favorite channel. Some of the shows they have are Best week ever.

I enjoy all sorts of movies.

My favorite tv shows are family guy and csi the original.
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