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Contact enlite: Email: randommadness at hotmail dot com
AIM: Dapsen Ltd
Birthday January 8th, 1985
Location: Tempe, Arizona
enlite in one sentence: It's one of those things.
Full Bio:
I used to think that I was just split right down the middle, half the world saw me as a nice guy and the other half thought I was an asshole. You have to be smart enough to figure out how crtical sarcasm really works in order to appreciate it, and most people won't take the time. They're the ones who don't like me.

The truth is, I'm a generally nice guy. I just have my fingers in a lot of pools and I don't like being fucked with. I'm not the jealous type, but "sadist seeking vengence" has always been a somewhat appropriate title.

If you show signs of weakness, I'll eat you up. But if you've got strong character and a good sense of humor, you'll see the real side of me that people don't believe exists anymore: the good side.
Where is enlite headed,
What is enlite doing?
I'm going to get my BS in Psychology, then it's off to the coast to pursue acting for a while. Which coast? Doesn't matter... I've got friends on both and I'd love to live with all of them.
Motto: You have just been enlitened.
Turn Ons: I typically fall for tall, blonde, blue-eyed guys who are idiots. However, I do make exceptions:

I have a fixation with gorgeous eyes. I need a hat that says "Beautiful Eyes: Inquire Below".

Creative talent is hot, whether you're a musician, an artist, a writer, a cook, whatever. If you express yourself in a way that I can appreciate, chances are you just scored a lot of bonus points.

Manneurisms that are cute. Little things that people always do that make you go "aww, that's sweet".

Four letter names. I've never dated anyone whose name wasn't four letters. Ever.

Oh, the idiot thing isn't an exception. It's required because I'm masochistic.
Turn Offs: Personality is big arena for failure. If you can't make me laugh and I don't enjoy being around you, clearly there is no chance.

Experience: I'm not patient, and I don't want to have to teach you how to _____. If you're not comfortable with dating/relationships/sex/etc. then I will get bored and frustrated and I'll probably dump you in a really terrible way. IE: cheating on you with someone I know you hate... Sorry Nate...

Mis-quoting movies or The Family Guy. If you don't know the line, don't say it. And if you think you know it, but you're not one hundred percent sure, don't say it. Because if you do, and you're wrong, and I know that you're wrong... I will hate you. This is why we can't have nice things.
Hobbies, skills, interests: I am a dancing fool.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Music:
A bit of everything, and then some. A lot of classical, lately, and a lot of original percussion compositions. Also, the usual No Doubt -slash- TOOL -slash- Perfect Circle -slash- Pop -slash- broadway -slash- everything I like to sing. Currently obsessed with:

No Doubt (classic early 90's)
Thirteenth Step
Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Classic Rareware tunes

I'm still in the middle of a trilogy fanfic that I found online. The subject is embarassing so you'll just have to assume it's just-for-fun reading. Then there's the assigned literature, most of which is dull and ancient. I haven't had a lot of time for fun reading, what with more involved classes this semester, but I highly recommend these for anyone willing:

Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior
Cognition as Art
Learning and Memory (for class)
Cognitive Psychology (for class)

Recent Movies:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Um, this can't be Johnny Depp. *married*
Four Brothers- Good idea, just never pulls it off.
Wedding Crashers- I honestly thought this was one of the funnier movies of the summer UNTIL Will Ferrel was in it. God, does he have to ruin every movie?
Fantastic 4- Flame Boy is cute... but other than that there's no reason to watch it.

At Home (with Evan and Nate)
House of Flying Daggers
Without a Paddle (for about twenty minutes... "horrible" doesn't even begin to describe the unhappiness)

I suggest the following websites/comics for your personal enjoyment.

Exploding Dog - Original artwork by Sam Brown
Shaw Island - Zach Stroum's hilarious comic about hamsters
Men In Hats - Aaron Farber's twisted talking heads comic
50 Shades of Red - My depressing Dead Journal, with "friends" of others on this site

The comedic styles of these people are sure to make your miserable existence a bit brighter.

Eddie Izzard - "I haven't decided whether or not I should tell the world that I've crushed their hopes and dreams..."
Dane Cook - "You know that crazy asshole who woke you up early every morning? Yeah, that was me..."
Margaret Cho - "I'm the biggest bitch since THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING... oh wait, THAT'S ME!"
Ellen DeGeneres - "I don't understand why conservative people fuss about me...It's not like I asked to be better than them."
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