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User Since: 9/7/03
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Latest Entry: Goodbye? (12/17/03)
Last Seen: 12/18/03 @ 12:14:45 AM PST
Contact bumblz: Email: JennB1515 at hotmail dot com
AIM: Cymabaldevilchick
MSN: jennb1515
Birthday December 31st, 1984
Location: Gilbert
bumblz in one sentence: i dunno look below
Full Bio:
I'm an independent strong latina chick that can kick your ass.
I'm can be very fickle sometimes which sucks. oh well deal.
If you tell me a secret ill be happy and i dont tell so it works out.
I'm pretty open i think.
I dont let myself dont get vulnerable though. does that makes sense?
Where is bumblz headed,
What is bumblz doing?
Motto: Dont be a fucking dumbass. so maybe its not a motto exactly but hey...words to live by.
Turn Ons: A guy needs to be funny, if he isnt the rest doesnt matter. But i do like nice eyes and arms. But if your funny you can turn me on. I also need to feel like im being protected, even though i dont need to be.
Turn Offs: Not being funny.
When people scare me it really pisses me off.
Close minds.
dumb people that have closed minds and dont try to understand.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Im in drumline.
Kim and I are going to learn how to skate REALLY.
I love to dance, im not a dancer, but i dance in my car ALOT and whenever music is playing around me, or even when its not.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: old school brandy
Alicia keys cause that new song is so damn good and i know the feeling.
the new blink song turns me on, so that works.
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