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User Since: 10/3/03
Journal Entries: 13
Activity Level: 0.007 (A ratio of 1.0 is equal to approximately an entry every 3 days-
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Shouts: 172
Notes: 24
Latest Entry: My Triumphant Return to Socorro, New Mexico (7/20/04)
Last Seen: 8/26/04 @ 2:44:14 PM PST
Contact SaltTheFries: Email: saltthefries737 at yahoo dot com
AIM: SaltTheFries1
Birthday January 29th, 1987
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
SaltTheFries in one sentence: The quintessential nerd.
Full Bio:
Not really the quintessential nerd...
Somewhat cynical.
A fan of irony.
Very opinionated.
I spend the majority of my life off on tangents.

I find that I'm driven by curiosity above anything else. I always find myself looking at something and asking "how?" and "why?" whether I wish to or not. I can spend anything from hours to weeks trying to figure out the answer to my latest question.
I have a personality which some people find abrasive, but much less than it once was.
I'm ambitious, but I try not to allow my motivation for success to take over my life.

I've realized that some people don't understand my handle (SaltTheFries). It comes from an error message in the game System Shock 1. If you aren't familiar with either System Shock 1 or 2, you're really missing something; visit for more about this awesome game.
Where is SaltTheFries headed,
What is SaltTheFries doing?
Going in to senior year.
Motto: It is my will.
Turn Ons: Someone interested in what I say / think / do.
A strong sense of individuality.
A strong set of ethics.

Someone willing to disagree with me respectfully and support her opinion with rational ideas.
Turn Offs: Pretty much the opposite --
A boring personality.
Wasted potential.

Blind followers.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Strategy games of all types
Computer programming (mostly C++), but NOT in IDL!
History -- Esp. Greeks, Romans, Russia, Napoleonic era

Space / Astronomy.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Books - Atlas Shrugged, A Breif History of Time, Lord of the Rings, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Foundation, Guns, Germs, and Steel, Nicholas & Alexandra, The Wealth of Nations.

Movies - Dr. Strangelove, The Matrix, Army of Darkness, Pi, A Beautiful Mind, Stargate (and the TV-Show SG-1).

Music - Incubus, some others, still developing my interests.

Magazines - 2600, Scientific American

Games - Chess, virtually any other stategy games, poker, blackjack, etc.
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