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Latest Entry: We've lowered the bar. In fact, we've dropped it. (2/20/05)
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Contact Narcissus: Email: cmbirch at email dot arizona dot edu
AIM: cbirchrun
Birthday November 17th, 1986
Location: Tucson
Narcissus in one sentence: Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
Full Bio:
I'm made up of lotsa little busy cells, all high on caffiene;
I'm made up of old running shoes with thousands (literally) of miles underneith them.
I'm made up of comfy, old t-shirts and crazy underwear I buy spontaneously.
I'm made up of a million different songs that my jukebox head plays at random. Put a quarter in my neck and I'll sing you any song you want...
I'm made up of bubble baths and cereal and waffles for dinner, boysenberry syrup from the family's ranch.
I'm made up of after-dark visits to parks to sit on swings with friends in 50 degree weather.
I'm made up of long drives to places to which I can only point, photographs of places I will never get to visit again, expanses of the world that I can only dream of.
I'm made up of the tiny little raindrops that cling to your hair, of the sweat that collects at the corners of your mouth when you work out, of the shivers that run down your spine when you hear a song that you can fully relate to.
I'm known to walk out my door not knowing where I'm going or what I'll do or how I'll get there, but knowing that I'm going (and on a good day, I end up outside the state).
I appreciate things greater, I respect people more knowledgable and more experienced.
I'm supported by my friends, who are not afraid to catch me when I stumble, if I let them.
I've got the most infectious smile you'll ever see.
Where is Narcissus headed,
What is Narcissus doing?
U of A Mollecular & Cellular Biology and Applied Mathematics dual-major, Spanish minor
Motto: That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger.
Turn Ons: Intelligence. It's extremely attractive when someone can carry on a detailed conversation about nearly anything with me. Serious or not, no matter the topic, I'd love to hear your opinions, as long as you're willing to sit back and listen to mine.

Humor. Isn't it true that we all laugh and smile in the same language? Whether it be sarcasm, wit, dry humor- heck, even if it's wet humor, I love it. Laughing is such a wonderful feeling. I promise I'll return the favor.

Aspirations. It's almost humbling when someone I know has a true passion for something. Whether it is for woodworking or figure skating, it's commendable to pursue something with so much throught and interest. Me, for example, I aspire to be a better writer, to run faster, and to be a better big sister.

Confidence. When someone is comfortable enough with themselves to hold their own, and try things outside their norm- that's wonderful. It makes me smile and want to be around them. However, cockiness is tough to tolerate, but shyness leaves me guessing.

Mysteriousness: A slight raise of your eyebrows, a clever smile from across the room, a twinkle in your eye when you're thinking of something while you look at me.

Surprises. An unsolicited phonecall asking how my day's going. Bumping into you at the gas station. Catching you buying the same shampoo as I do at the store. No, wait, that will just make me laugh. Someone who appears to be cold and quiet and tough who, in fact, listens to old love songs and enjoys spending time with younger brothers and sisters.
Turn Offs: Someone who doesn't question anything and simply accepts what ideas are thrown at them.

Someone who discriminates. Just.. be kind, right? There shouldn't be any physical/associative reasons why a person treats another poorly.

Someone who is clingy- to me, to their friends, family, etc. I want you to be independent, but still enjoy being with me and others. Especially- those people who are embarrassed to be seen with their family (I mean, truly, truly embarrassed)- come on! I've got parents too. Crazy ones. I love them.

Rudeness. Again, manners and compassion will go a long way.

Grudges and childish pride-wars. Remember: A plague on both your houses...
Hobbies, skills, interests: I enjoy nearly everything. No, really, I'm serious. It's a character flaw.

Here are a few things I enjoy:

Traveling, taking pictures, drawing, painting, singing (in or out of the shower), playing an instrument, rollerblading, bike riding, hiking, backpacking, camping, driving, running, white water rafting, kayaking, cooking with my little sister, playing with my dogs, building forts out of cardboard bricks and blankets, writing, speaking in haikus or song lyrics, dancing, listening to music, watching movies, scuba diving, snorkeling, playing on the computer, talking with someone, spending time with friends and family, spending time alone, speding time one-on-one, shopping for underwear, tickling, being tickled, getting lost, finding myself again, snowboarding, skiing, falling down, laughing, getting back up, complaining about washing dishes, getting into food/water fight with family over said dishes...
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Music- Everything Emo, Screamo, Rock, some Punk, Classical, Jazz, Techno, and a special soft spot for the Blues.

Movies- Trainspotting, Donnie Darko, Frieda, Arsenic and Old Lace, Father Goose, Catch Me If You Can, Requiem for a Dream, Traffic, American History X, Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stich, Run Lola Run, Kill Bill (1 and 2), Liar Liar, Lost in Translation, The Life Aquatic, Four Rooms (and any Quentin Tarantino movie I've seen), Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and many more....

Reading- anything that requires intelligence or is amusing. Dave Barry is hilarious. Right now, I'm reading my Genetics book and Middlesex on the side (however, pleasure reading is sadly a second).

College life- movies, drinking, concerts, studying, the Union...
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