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Contact Ozymandias: Email: photostrand at excite dot com
AIM: spudmaster1240
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Birthday June 25th, 1987
Location: Lost
Ozymandias in one sentence: A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die. -Franz Kafka
Full Bio:
First of all I hate reading people's short little autobiographies because they seem very self involved and self gratifying. But nonetheless I suppose I will give in to the crowd and tell you a little bit about myself, seeing as you obviously have the interest in it if you are reading my profile in the first place. I will try to keep it short and sweet though, and as non-arrogant as humanly possible when one is writing about oneself.

I attend a small charter high school in Tempe called New School for the Arts and Academics (NSAA). I would have to say what I am most well known for there is my film-making; it took first place at the 3rd Annual NSAA Film Festival, and is currently playing in the New York Independent Film and Video Fesstival. I hope to be a director one day if the fates provide. I also work in ceramics, drawing, writing, etc.

Art is really what my life seems to revolve around; growing up in the shadow of my immensely talented sister, a painter, I became increasingly interested in that field. Now I have somewhat established myself as a promising future artist as well, although it sound very self serving to say so.

I started out interested in photography, which I was drawn to by my amazing teacher in eighth and ninth grade. After taking her classes I decided to attend NSAA where I also discovered ceramics, digital arts, and most recently, Film and Video. I directed a short film (25 min) that a friend wrote and starred in and it took first place at the Film Festival my school holds every year. I am currently working on a full length film written by the same person, and I hope to enter both of these into various phoenix film festivals.

Let's see, I also enjoy reading poetry, such as Percy Brysse Shelley, the author of Ozymandias of Egypt the poem that inspired my screen name on this site, T.S. Elliot, Allen Ginsberg, Saul Williams among many others. As far a literature goes, I really enjoy existentialism. I love Camus, Kafka, Sartre, etc. I also really like Oscar Wilde. There are lots more authors that I am probably forgetting, but oh well.

I love to write poetry and prose as well, as you may notice if you read my journal. I have been told that I am quite good at reciting these works and so I plan to start competing at Poetry Slams once I have enough work under my belt.

I suppose that is pretty much it; that is me in a nutshell. If you had the patience to read through this entire thing I congratulate you for your stamina.
Where is Ozymandias headed,
What is Ozymandias doing?
I am an art student.. so I suppose I am hoping to be an artist. My dream would be to direct movies.
Motto: I do not care for mottos.. they simplify the complexities of living down to one phrase, I consider that to be closed minded.
Turn Ons: Intelligence, Open-mindedness, Understanding, A Thirst or Knowledge, Talent... etc.
Turn Offs: Pseudo Intellectuals (there is nothing I hate more than someone who doesn't know what they don't know), Shallowness, Arrogance, Republicans... etc
Hobbies, skills, interests: Well some would say I am talented in the various feilds of art (ie: drawing, photography, ceramics etc). Art is definately my passion, whether or not I have a future in it. I attend First Fridays almost every month, and I try to stay as active as possible in my local art community. I also attend poetry readings and open mics on occasion.

I also am fairly well versed (imo) in literature music and of course the visual arts.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: right now? I am listening to The Mars Volta which is a kick ass band
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