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Latest Entry: weekend (1/11/04)
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Contact richcricketz: Email: richcricketz at hotmail dot com
AIM: richcricketz
Birthday January 14th, 1986
Location: Gilbert
richcricketz in one sentence: weardo, crazy, spontanious, romantic, sexy
Full Bio:
well ive had two relationships while on this o so funny planet.
bolth with girls (thank god) and all i ever talk about im my current love sammy. its gona be rair when i wont talk about her cuz ime falling in love every day, but ile try to keep my feet on the ground. i go to gilbert high. senior and used to play tennis. my favriout sport is hockey. and favriout movie is SNATCH. i love my computer cuz its a labtop. i spell words horbiely wrong all the time but one person saise its cute, so its ok. i akso miss prounce words horibly wrong. and the one thing youl alwiase know me by is the way i spell............i'm..............i spell it...............ime.
Where is richcricketz headed,
What is richcricketz doing?
mesa comunity college then to ASU Babby!
Motto: he who dies with the most toys WINS!
Turn Ons: sammy, sam, and Samantha. also cheese cake and, WOMEN WITH VIBRAITORS.
he he
Turn Offs: the braves base ball team, america online, realy short hair, and musty smells.
and i realy hate people who belive people are actualy listining to them talk.
Hobbies, skills, interests: sking, sex (just kidding, ime a virgin), talking and making people laugh. he he
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: i collect songs on my computer in my free time. i used to have 202 perfect songs with the tittles spelled right and everything. (before i reformated my computer)
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