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Birthday August 5th, 1986
Location: Next to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world
faerie713 in one sentence: I am surviving, that's all we can ever say.
Full Bio:
My name is Amber, but I am Nicole, and Luna, and Keylan, and Daihlin, and Leyalanaand Christa, and seven or eight others who are nameless right now. I am more than just a girl with brown hair and eyes.

I am a girl who is on the search for my soul, but afraid to take the next step. I play and sing to calm myself. I listen to the wind and the energy to better understand my enviornment. I ignore everything to block it all out.

I have lost my family, found them again, and found my soul mate in the process. I have fallen so far into love as to not know which way is up, but I'm not gonna complain about that at all.

I dream about flying free with the faeries and running through the woods with elves. I imagine myself swept back in the currents of time to sometime nearly unimaginable by most. I walk through my own little world, wishing it were real.

I hear songs when I read books and I become characters when I listen to the same songs. I am made up of my music. I hear and see the stories and the pain/joy of the muisc.

I alter the way I look at life simply by thinking of who I am. I can be somber or hyper depending on who I "am". I even begin to think slightly differently, enough to be noticable for those who want to know and pay attention.

I crave love and attention, but would never ask it of another. I dream of being accepted for who I am, but cannot imagine that another would. Still I am pleasantly surprised and pleased when I find that one other who does not just accept me, but cherishes my existance.

I dream in color, and can control them. I try to make everything that I wish to be true at least in some part of my life. Though I have to do that less and less. I have found some of my hopes and dreams in the real world. Now I have a reason to find my way back to reality.
Where is faerie713 headed,
What is faerie713 doing?
I will eventually be going to college, eventually meaning this fall. Uh oh, guess I better get my act togehter... I want to eventually get a Ph.D in anthropology, a masters in psychology, and a major in music. Oh having children and visiting Australia is somewhere in there, and getting married to the man of my dreams just a little before all that happens. As so what I am doing right now, well I've already taken up too much space for that, guess you'll just have to read above :-D
Motto: Each life is a splash in the universal river, part of the whole, but unique in and of itself
Turn Ons: Intelligence. I wish to have a conversation, to learn, to know that there is more to a person than just the outside shell visible to everyone. I want to have to wait to understand more about their hopes and fears. I want to be confused every once in a while, that is another way of learning. I want to be surprised by sudden ideas that come from nowhere.

Creativity. I ask that they be able to appreciate an abstract piece of literature or a piece of music. Better yet if they can find the heart and soul in a song from just a few sheets of paper. If they can tug at your emotions without saying a single word, without looking you in the eye, without touching you... It's a gift that goes beyond description.

Personality. Someone who can catch my attention just by being themselves, because they are different. Not someone who tries to be different. Usually they are just trying to pass themselves off as someone other then they are. Someone who can honestly show themselves as they truly are, without trying to get something from another person. To know oneself well enough to be true means he/she can focus on another without alterior motives. It's a beautiful thing.
Turn Offs: Selfishness. My "turn ons" have all shown that I like it when someone can think of others so this should come as no surprise. When someone consistently displays that they are concerned only for themselves it makes them seem to be somewhat less human. I can understand sometimes doing something for yourself, but not when taht is all you think about. It just makes me very sad.
Hobbies, skills, interests: First and foremost-Music. Marching and Concert band, jazz band, Drumline, Colorguard. I play trombone, almost as well as I think I really should, in marching/concert/jazz band. I am one of two pit captains in Winter Drumline. I play vibraphone and marimba, my two favorite instruments in the entire world. Last but not least, I spin in Winter Colorguard. Something that I have learned recently and enjoy every minute of it. Eventually, I want to play in the Blue Knights Winter Drumline and maybe their Drum Corp. too. Eventually meaning next year and all.

Theatre. I am the stage manager in my school theatre, quite a nice little thing I've got going on. Of course, since I have joined theatre it has slowly eaten up more and more of my life until it feels like all I do is think about what needs to be done or what I haven't done yet. It is a very exhausting task, but I suppose I wouldn't be doing it if I couldn't put forth the effort required. For those of you who think acting is the hardest job in theatre, just try doing absolutely everything that does not require the actual creative process in theatre. I do some of that too now that I think about it.... Oh well.

Reading/writing. I do both at most every opportunity I have, which is not nearly enough. I read and write fantasy and science fiction, so I guess that could explain why my head is always in the clouds. My dreams nearly always have something to do with books I have read
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Right now, I am listening to "modern punk", but I'll listen to just about anything and everything. Speaking of which, I think I'm gonna go listen to KTCL and finish this thingy up.
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