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Latest Entry: Status Quo (3/14/08)
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Contact Grinner: Email: grinner at gmx dot at
Birthday February 28th, 1984
Location: Berlin, Germany
Grinner in one sentence: A person who loves random and incoherent knowledge.
Full Bio:
Who am I? Well, I suppose that is THE question, ain't it? Since I can't properly answer that, I will give you an insight on what I am about from my point of view.

Currently I am a student. I am more of a quiet but jovial type (probably a little shy) that prefers to listen rather than to talk.
I like to think of myself as funny (and since people laugh, I don't seem to be the only one, luckily), although often I am too quick with my occasionally mean jokes. I am working on that :).
I would also describe myself as a person with integrity, who is generally honest. I prefer to deny any comment than to lie.
Where is Grinner headed,
What is Grinner doing?
I am headed towards a rich and prosporous future.
Motto: It'll work out.
Turn Ons: Good music, humour, a british accent (except for cockney). A nice smile, intelligence, wit, energy, honesty.
Turn Offs: Ignorance, too loud voices, nagging, bad teeth, chewed fingernails, too much talking. Obvious errors in grammar and spelling. Lies and deceit.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Well, considering I landed on some random website writing about myself, one of my obvious interests would be computers and the internet. Others include swimming, reading, drinking, partying in general, listening to lots of music, playing card games, doing fun stuff.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I listen to lots of Rock and Rap (although none of that crossover crap please) when I need to leave apathy behind me. Blues for relaxing and Vangelis for going to sleep.

Jackie Chan movies are still unparalleled. Movies with interesting stories are also great (The Cube, Memento, etc.)

Major part of entertainment is done through my friends. People are still the best distraction from the ugly reality.
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