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User Since: 2/12/04
Journal Entries: 38
Activity Level: 0.021 (A ratio of 1.0 is equal to approximately an entry every 3 days-
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Shouts: 228
Notes: 7
Latest Entry: Sooner or Later (5/22/06)
Last Seen: 7/8/08 @ 10:54:01 PM PST
Contact Adonis: Email: americanguy04 at hotmail dot com
Birthday April 20th, 1986
Location: Cali
Adonis in one sentence: I am one of the coolest, rockin guys you'll ever meet.
Full Bio:
I am one of those people who is always noticed. Whether it is for a statement i make, or an outfit i wear, or whatever it is, I stand out. I have never been one to fall in line with the majority. I strive to make my life a success through my actions. I challenge myself, I take pride in myself, I appreciate my talents and interests, and I love those around me. I'm one to take chances and take the people I meet on a fantastic journey, full of adventure, horror, intrigue, and mystery. But most of all, I am me. I am an individual. I am one.
Where is Adonis headed,
What is Adonis doing?
At Pepperdine pursuing my degree with plans to become a physician
Motto: Carpe Diem (for now)
Turn Ons: Sitting on the beach, watching the sunset with the one you love

Snuggling up close and reading a good book with your special someone

Five hour conversations about nothing but somehow realizing how much you love the person on the other end

The nape of a woman's neck

Lying in front of a fire on a cold wintry evening

Hugging the one you love like you'd never let go...
Turn Offs: Way too many to list
Hobbies, skills, interests: Music (all aspects), Surfing, Shopping, painting, photography, and chillaxin on the beach
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I am sitting outside my room, listening to the rumble of the distant waves coming up the hill to my ears...
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