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User Since: 3/1/04
Journal Entries: 58
Activity Level: 0.032 (A ratio of 1.0 is equal to approximately an entry every 3 days-
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Shouts: 421
Notes: 79
Latest Entry: a thousand lights going off in my head (7/16/07)
Last Seen: 7/16/07 @ 11:30:27 PM PST
Contact sound affects: Email: kia13579 at aol dot com
Birthday March 8th, 1987
Location: somewhere around campus
sound affects in one sentence: thanks I'm over it
Full Bio:
I am officially in college now. the horrors.
Where is sound affects headed,
What is sound affects doing?
getting accosted on the street after spending all my money on art supplies.
Turn Ons: being clever. hilarious, but with intelligence behind it. the kind of humor that every other guy tries to copy but totally sucks at.

accents. man, I would be so tolerant of someone going on forever about everything and nothing.

flares, when they're actually flattering.

class. the potential to look sharp.

being taller than me. but this isn't exactly hard to do.

a bit of snarkiness. that translates to wit, not being an asshole.

being able to hang out and talk for awhile. for serious. I wish for someone I can click with.

the first thing I notice is not what someone looks like, but their actions. if I see you kicking ass at art, speaking, music, whatever, you just got hotter.
Turn Offs: using "THAT'S SO GAY" to describe bad things.

scenesters. boys with tight unflattering chick pants and white belts and chicks with loud ugly uneven hair and overly random loud ugly clothing.

or, tight pink polo shirts with the collars popped.

stupidity and ignorance. particularly combined.

excessive devotion to religion or drugs.
Hobbies, skills, interests: sleeping.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I'm so hyping on graphic novels. I found 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' in the $4 bin at a bookstore in Boulder and am not regretting buying it.

right now I'm playing a lot of Jets to Brazil and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. people have told me for years that I look emo (it's all in the glasses), now I'm actually living up to it. uh oh.

Something*Positive and College University make me laugh. lots.
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