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Contact Understanding: Email: understandingheartbreak at hotmail dot com
Birthday January 1st, 1981
Location: Gilbert
Understanding in one sentence: I can't!
Full Bio:
I am confused about life and looking to find a place to explore the thoughts in my head.

I am tired of the life that I am leading and looking to make changes for the better.

I am curious if I am missing out on life by living mine.
Where is Understanding headed,
What is Understanding doing?
Headed home, thinking about life
Motto: I don't have one yet, lend me yours.
Turn Ons: Tall, dark guys who are not afraid to show their true self.

Guys who truly are honest about what they want in life, and if they are content with what they have.

Dave Navarro.
Turn Offs: Conformists.

Hobbies, skills, interests: Music, reading, singing, cooking, swimming..... lots of things.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Anything and everything.
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