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Latest Entry: Love, Obsession and its Object (3/25/04)
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Contact brightskies: Email: dreamwoman079 at yahoo dot com
Birthday November 16th, 1979
brightskies in one sentence: I AM WHAT EVERY MAN DREAMS OF AND ASPIRES TO.
Full Bio:
Although I am very intellectually evolved and intense in my work, I am a very strong and athletic soul who believes that a strong mind can only live in a strong body.
My interests range from politics, Law, medicine, religion, philosophy, history, to athletic excellence.
I love to spar with men and women on any subject of their choosing and I also love to use my intense logical and debating skills to win each contest. Most of all I just love to find interesting conversation with no competion in mind.
My erotic side is intense and enchants the most experienced suitor. Less is more; people crave what they cannot have that easily and I accommodate them.
I have met some of the most interesting people on my travels, but I believe that the most interesting are not famous yet. So I am looking and looking for those people who have not become so famous and yet are even more intriguing.
You can find me at the gym every morning lifting weights and building my physique as an artist would mold a sculpture.
My body is the canvass and my mind works its will to create the most beautiful person alive.
Where is brightskies headed,
What is brightskies doing?
Turn Ons: People with mystery and intrigue to them and who are confident enough to understate themselves.
Men and women who have extreme intelligence and can delve into any subject and dissect it just for the fun of it.
People who are not sure where the universe came from and might be explorers with me to find out--- or never really know.
Peace as a goal for humanity and the display of it by a person's actions and attitude.
Turn Offs: War.
Powerful people who don't use it for bettering mankind, but for increasing their own wealth or ego.
Narcissists who are deflated when meeting their equal.
Politicians who just want to appease the masses and not lead.
Hobbies, skills, interests: I am a true athelete. I love swimming, tennis, track, weight lifting, wrestling,
mountain climbing, and Tae Kwon Do.
I am a master chess player. Be forewarned.
I am intensely into writing and have spent a lot of time working on my first novel.
I am enchanted by love and sensual encounters.
I will revise this to include more when I feel more comfortable.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: You would need to know me better to know how I entertain myself. Television is not a source of entertainment since it falls short of an imaginative and creative aspects.
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