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User Since: Forever
Journal Entries: 46
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Shouts: 661
Notes: 120
Latest Entry: I FOUND TONY (7/27/05)
Last Seen: 7/27/05 @ 11:00:08 PM PST
Contact Sliced Ice: Email: HiBill182 at aol dot com
Birthday January 31st, 1985
Location: Gilbert, soon to be Tempe, AZ
Sliced Ice in one sentence: what the fuck?!
Full Bio:
Where is Sliced Ice headed,
What is Sliced Ice doing?
off to college just like everyone else
Motto: i dont care how you swim, just dont splash me
Turn Ons: Black 78 corvette stingray, T-top.

long dark hair about shoulder lenth. nice eyes is a must, enough to make me notice right away. in all honesty, i like girls that are fiesty ya know, not afraid to tell me to fuck off and mean it. rawr

that semi evil im gonna kill you but your not going to know about it look.

The chase and the trial
Turn Offs: standard guy turn offs + a little more of my own qwirky ones.
Hobbies, skills, interests: i like to figure out what makes people tick and why they tick that way. i suppose its why im going into psychology
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?:
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