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User Since: 5/9/04
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Latest Entry: The First of the Last (5/10/04)
Last Seen: 5/16/04 @ 9:35:47 PM PST
Contact Duo: Email: duo1281 at yahoo dot com
AIM: Morand18
Birthday November 12th, 1981
Location: Miami, FL
Duo in one sentence: Thats rather hard to do.
Full Bio:
Where is Duo headed,
What is Duo doing?
Shit...if I only knew. Ummm IM graduating from undergrad and then Im headed home for a bit.
Motto: Whatever happens, happens.
Turn Ons: Intelligence. Easy going people. Deteremined individuals, though they also turn out to be the controlling ones.
Turn Offs: Controlling people. Annoying people and by that I mean those who are loud and/or attention whores.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Pottery, computers, animals, philosophy, books, technology...(more to come later)
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: As I write this I am supposed to be typing up my final paper but am procrastinating, so right no this is my entertainment. Most of my entertainment come from music but usuaully wherever I am I can find something to entertain myself with.
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