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User Since: 7/4/04
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Latest Entry: The Good Die Young (12/2/04)
Last Seen: 12/2/04 @ 8:54:26 PM PST
Contact OUTLAW: Email: Outlaw4evr at aol dot com
AIM: Outlaw4evr
Birthday March 27th, 1986
Location: Oakland, California
OUTLAW in one sentence: Determination in the worst
Full Bio:
Very Respectful to those who respect me. I never judge anyone before I know them....I have more respect for women than anything even though they screw me over a lot. I think its time we give to our women instead of take from our women. I have a hard edge with a sensitive side. I love sports: Oakland Raiders, Anaheim Angels, Sacramento Kings, and my favorite: NASCAR Dale Jr is the man. I love flowin I can write in my sleep, its a talent that ive always had whether I liked it or not. Freestyle Battles are a lot of fun too.
Where is OUTLAW headed,
What is OUTLAW doing?
To the Big Time with my racing, otherwise an Automotive Tech
Motto: Only God Can Judge Me
Turn Ons: LOL

Blonde Hair
Someone that makes me smile
someone outgoing, that likes to have fun
a girl that will eat, none of that "ill have a salad hold the croutons" bullcrap
Turn Offs: Ditzy girls
Someone who overdresses
Feet, cant stand em i dont care who you are LOL
Hobbies, skills, interests: Like I said I can write really well especially poetry, sometimes I wish I didnt have this skill. From what i hear im a naturally talented racecar driver. I love listening to music. Oh Yeah im a pretty good salesman if I do say so myself.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: 2 Pac for life, hard rock (sorry peeps that Blink 182 soundin crap is too sissy for me) Metallica, Korn, Earshot that will get the job done, A variety of Country: Brooks n Dunn and Sheryl Crow to name a few and of course old school rock: Sabbath, Zeppelin, CCR, Hendrix that stuff is tight. I dont normally have to entertain myself cuz theres always people around.
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