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User Since: 7/23/04
Journal Entries: 22
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Latest Entry: im a bum (11/23/04)
Last Seen: 11/23/04 @ 1:28:12 PM PST
Contact coca: Email: amicheer2000 at aol dot com
AIM: amicheer2000
Birthday August 19th, 1987
Location: gilbert
coca in one sentence:
Full Bio:
I am 5'6" and weigh about average. I have brown hair and brown eyes, nothing to exciting. I have done the whole high school thing and i am ready to move on. I feel like I have so much ambition but I am stuck going to this waste of a school learning stuff I have been since i was 7. I want to be challenged, and have a career because working as a cashier at target just isnt cutting it for me.
Where is coca headed,
What is coca doing?
living life
Turn Ons: Confidence
A Good Body
An Even Better Mind
a sense of style
punk boys are hott idk y i just have begun to think they are hott as hell
Turn Offs: Being cocky
Having No Opinions
Being Fake
going no where in life
Hobbies, skills, interests: cheering, school, eating, sleeping, listening to music and shopping consume my life
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: chappelle's show, blue collar comedy tour, nip/tuck, family guy!!!!
my favorite band in the entire world coheed and cambria!, taking back sunday, brand new, the format, maroon 5, incubus, the killers, postal service, nirvana, modest mouse, then a crazy switch to country with rascal flatts, and many more, i am also a pink floyd fan. i just like their music. old rock and roll appeals to me so much bc i just grew up listening to it with my dad.
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