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Latest Entry: *shrug* (10/7/04)
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Contact eltigre: Email: dpbagelboy at yahoo dot com
AIM: greengalapagos
Birthday March 4th, 1986
Location: not as bad as you'd think, AZ
eltigre in one sentence: high maintenance
Full Bio:
*inquire above*
Where is eltigre headed,
What is eltigre doing?
im looking to get my BS in zoology while at the same time aquiring my AA in Veterinary Medicine. then to continue with the med degree and eventually become the crocidile hunter....well, kinda. on the other hand, i would love to become a famous singerdanceractor. we'll see which one happens first...
Turn Ons: !!WANTED!! ASS BANDIT!!!!!!!!!!!! well not really, but i have a thing for nice bodies and a cute smile. but enough of the shallowness... if i meet someone that is totally intune with their wants and needs and is very satisfied with who they are, i am instantly attracted to them. also, someone who isnt afraid to admit when they fucked up. thats a big one.
Turn Offs: cockiness... and not in the good way. also someone that doesnt like animals. who doesnt like animals??!!
Hobbies, skills, interests: i love to sing and dance.

thats about it actually.

oh and not to mention music! i live for music! literally. if my house was burning down, i would grab my cd collection, and lock my mothers door.

thats all.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: if i watch tv, i watch friends re-runs.

if i watch a dvd, its usually will & grace season 1 & 2 or any of the seasons of Buffy.

heh... erin and dave...
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