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Editor Since: Forever
Journal Entries: 112
Activity Level: 0.059 (A ratio of 1.0 is equal to approximately an entry every 3 days-
The Activity Level shows how many entries authored per 3 days)
Shouts: 571
Notes: 599
Latest Entry: SO. I'm back. Wondering who else is still here. (10/22/08)
Musings: 28
Last Seen: 8/11/11 @ 2:33:51 PM PST
Contact noprotein: Email: noprotein at hotmail dot com
AIM: noprotein
Y!: who uses yahoo messenger?
Birthday March 23rd, 1985
Location: Giblert, Azirona
noprotein in one sentence: ~ºMuy Pimpinº~
Full Bio:
Curious, cool, chic, outgoing, sophisticated, cute and the best damn liar you'll ever meet ^_^ I LOVE music. really anything i will listen to and i enjoy almost anything i get my ears onto. Dance dance revolution is a big part of my life too only cuz it's so fun and burns calories and i hate to run so it occupies those spots. I'm no longer addicted to Lineage sadly but warcraft and FFwhatever is around so yea that's still there. Good buds with mainly everyone else on the site.

Have a girlfriend, Casey. She's kind of a big deal and only rarely re-visits her home on whore island.
Where is noprotein headed,
What is noprotein doing?
Probably headed for the kitchen and then eating
Motto: Never regret, never hold back.
Turn Ons: Confidence
Not finding huge faults in people and me ;)
Independence and ability to think for herself while appreciating what I have to say.
Turn Offs: FEMINATZIS, Mr. Vogel, grandmas, cold baths, vomit, string cheese, caterpillars, and wrappers.

(these are pretty much the same)
Hobbies, skills, interests: dancing, movies, music, friends, stuff ;)
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: This last 3-year's selection: Coheed, Tool, Elliott Smith, Simon & Garfunkinator, Arrested Development, Family Guy of course, Hustle, Prison Break, Samurai Champloo,
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