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User Since: 10/23/04
Journal Entries: 5
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Shouts: 4
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Latest Entry: Arizona's Fastest High Speed Pursuit... (12/11/04)
Last Seen: 12/23/04 @ 10:10:01 PM PST
Contact Insomniac: Email: andrewtempleton465 at msn dot com
AIM: DonnieDrk6
Birthday September 15th, 1986
Location: Gilbert (For the time being...)
Insomniac in one sentence: I am lost.
Full Bio:
I am a big time runner, which is odd considering my asthma. I have ran cross country for GHS the past 4 years and track the last 3. Working out and caffeine are my two weaknesses. I love them both way too much.

I am a science whore. I love the sciences, especially biology.

I have worked at a car dealership since my sophomore year and I am big into cars. Sigh, I want one of the new mustang GT's since my cars 130 MPH top speed is no longer good enough nor does it accelerate quick enough for my tastes.
Where is Insomniac headed,
What is Insomniac doing?
I am headed to U of A.
Motto: Fuck it!
Turn Ons: Runners. I have a MAJOR soft spot for girls who run. Intelligence is a requirement. I prefer taller girls, though occasionally I find a short girl attractive. Hair color is not much of an issue, but please, no WHITE hair...bleach whores.(You know what I am talking about ;)) Awesome personality and a smile that is irresistable. Adrenaline junkies
Turn Offs: Couch potatoes. Slobs. Bitches. Slutty girls. Girls who talk too much about themselves. Girls who expect me to worship them and serve their every need.
Hobbies, skills, interests:
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?:
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