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User Since: 12/1/04
Journal Entries: 27
Activity Level: 0.016 (A ratio of 1.0 is equal to approximately an entry every 3 days-
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Shouts: 75
Notes: 8
Latest Entry: Poems? (10/20/05)
Last Seen: 2/23/06 @ 10:11:13 PM PST
Contact LunarBlue: Email: neonstarfire04 at yahoo dot com
AIM: LunarBlue1386
MSN: ok? What's a Handle?
Y!: I feel like a trucker will contact me and change my name to Rose.
Birthday January 13th, 1986
Location: The bottom of a Coffee Pot.
LunarBlue in one sentence: Deperately seeking intravenous methods of absorbing coffee.
Full Bio:
I feel there should be a technical term for fear of keyboards missing the letter e. I've just recently realized that friends are only friends in Toupees or garish costumes. Most importantly, I identify with Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes) because frequently it feels like I'm just three people's imaginary tiger, or Blake's.
Where is LunarBlue headed,
What is LunarBlue doing?
Death at 24 and 364 days of age. Trying to live with conviction but am dutifully bound to mediocrity.
Motto: Painstackingly wishing to be someone's dream only works when sleeping.
Turn Ons: Simple elegance and candor. Heart is worth more than head, art worth more than science, and people with that creed. Love, Poetry, Art, randomness, and the seductive smiles that pass between strangers acquainted for nearly eternity.
Turn Offs: Racism. Hate. Small mindedness. Tactless jokes and comments inadvertantly offensive. The majority of the people i know from High School. Superiority complexes. Personal failure.
Hobbies, skills, interests: No skills. I want to learn to speak in at least three different languages without becoming a linguist. I want to run away and live on a scant supply of day old coffee and stale, sword like bread. Photography, Painting, Writing (when it happens, so rare and so faintly, dimnishingly resembeling talent as the days progress). Running. Improving. Trying.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: The Sorrows of Werther, Love's Fire, Screen Play writing (failing), Play's (reading mostly due to the lack of the arts in this town), watching my cellular phone refuse to ring. ibid skills hobbies, interests?, aiding and abetting pirates.
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