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User Since: 1/24/05
Journal Entries: 12
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Latest Entry: I seem to have misplaced a certain vital organ... (3/7/05)
Last Seen: 3/7/05 @ 11:20:39 PM PST
Contact MyFatalLove: Email: lowerthanlegal05 at aol dot com
AIM: lowerthanlegal05
Birthday September 2nd, 1986
Location: the zone
MyFatalLove in one sentence: Shy until I know you, and willing to do anything to be just me.
Full Bio:
I love basketball. I love drumming. I want to travel to Spain, and visit the countryside, hopefully with someone very special. I get attached very easily, but only when it really means something to me. I absolutely want to fall in love with a girl who I can be myself around, and who can be themself around me. I love to make people laugh. The stars amaze me, even though they're kind of hard to look at now. I use to look at them every chance I got, but it kind of faded away. I don't know what I want to do yet, and really I don't care, because I'm tired of trying to live in the future, and blowing past what's happening right now.
Where is MyFatalLove headed,
What is MyFatalLove doing?
come back in about five years, and maybe then I'll know
Motto: live life to the x, the x is for extreme(yeah i stole that one, but from a good friend)
Turn Ons: eyes
girls who arent fake
girls who want to make something of themselves
have to be able to have fun with them
have to be able to be myslef around them
Turn Offs: excessive makeup
girls who dont like theirself for who they are
girls who do drugs( i wont put up with that shit)
dumb asses
they dont appreciate things like music
Hobbies, skills, interests: drumming, basketball, cars, girls, school(believe it or not), anything that most people would be too afraid to do
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: The Mars Volta
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