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User Since: 2/28/05
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Shouts: 279
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Latest Entry: O where these days have gone... (1/2/06)
Last Seen: 9/15/10 @ 2:22:01 AM PST
Contact PromisesToMyself: Email: NinjitSerge at charter dot net
AIM: MyOffenceIsRank
Birthday June 18th, 1987
Location: California
PromisesToMyself in one sentence: I am human.
Full Bio:
I think. I dream. I hope. I die, just a little though. But most of all, I face the arduous day-by-day occurences. I'm teen-template number 001. Add me to any character class an race (excluding monsterous humanoid), and you are basically me.

Personally, I have no problem with anyone based on pointlessness. Race, ideology, dreams, no matter how stupid, does not change my opinion of you. What matters now, and what will continue to matter up until the day you and I part, is the personality that I am shown. Whatever feast you bring on that silver platter, that is what I plan to eat. Don't try bribing me on dessert later. I don't even like cake.

I'm a writer and a poet. It's really what every high school student is nowadays. We all write sad little quatrains and depressing odes to love, life, and required subjects. But really, I don't think I am part of the morass. Though it is a little arrogant, I feel my pedestal towers over the rest. There has never been anything wrong with a popinjay.

Intellectuals are fun, interesting, but ultimately boring. Give me an intelligentsia, give me action. That is the basis of true fun and happiness. When someone takes action alongside you, beside me, a bond forms. I live for those bonds, thought I form so few.
Where is PromisesToMyself headed,
What is PromisesToMyself doing?
CSULB in fall. Writing in life.
Motto: Whatever doesn't kill you probably wasn't a bullet.
Turn Ons: Clair, Girls, Fantasy-Fiction, Intellect, Soft kisses and a long night of depression, Soft kisses to wake up to, and a warm body beside mine on a cold night.
Turn Offs: Ignorance, Reality, School, Mathematics, Newton, Curfew, Endings, Stupidity, Myself.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Fantasy fiction writing, Fantasy fictions books, D&D, and so on.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I'm typing on OIO. Entertainment is relative though.
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