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Latest Entry: Spit (11/7/05)
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Contact Sweetp7779: Email: sweetp7779 at aol dot com
AIM: Sweetp7779
Birthday July 24th, 1982
Location: Big Bad Maine
Sweetp7779 in one sentence: I am a splendidly imperfect woman/girl.
Full Bio:
I am college student on the eight year plan! I am studying to be a nurse, however, so many other diciplines tickle my fancy at different times of my life. I have taken a varitey of classes (which explains my leghthy college career). Currently, I am sticking with Nursing to avoid another 3 year commitment to school. My biggest passions in life are the outdoors, politics, gardening, music, and my evenual career in the health field. I've grown to be rather sarcastic with my humor, bordering cynicial. :) I am also goofy, and I love to hang out with friends, drink wine and laugh a lot. :)
Where is Sweetp7779 headed,
What is Sweetp7779 doing?
I am headed down a rabbit hole...and I am opening my mind to the possibilities!
Motto: Remain confident in your abilities, and everything else will come as it may.
Turn Ons: OOoo Turn ons! Love this..I am totally turned on by intellectual minds, big words, and traveled people. (as long as they aren't like WAY out of my realm of comprehension)...I am also turned on by humor flattery and sexy hands.
Turn Offs: Turn offs......Liars, cheaters, guys who don't like their moms...anger managemen issues, and gross teeth. Oh yeah, I am totally turned of by snobs and Jackie Chan movies.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Skills, girls only like guys with skills..hehe...(never seen Napoleon Dynamite? you won't get that) I can play the flute, I can listen well if there is something bothering someone, I am great with a sewing machine. I love to garden, and enjoy plant life. I make hemp necklaces, and I am great with kids.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I listen to music, love Sex and the City, and enjoy concerts. I also like to read and watch movies. You must see What the Bleep do we Know? It's an incredibly empowering movie. My last read was Rachel Carsons Silent Spring, it catapulted the environmental movement in the 70s...good book.
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