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Contact carrot35647: Email: tzaraayton at hotmail dot com
Birthday January 26th, 1991
Location: Taree Australia
carrot35647 in one sentence: strange individual and an unfinished question
Full Bio:
oo now a bunch of sentences hey well i can do that. i live in a weirdo town that most of us refer to as a "hole". i am usually considered an outcast although i still have friends. its just that my friends and i are all basically nerds and people find is funny that i am a female nerd...i also have rebel friends who smoke and drink compulsively as if they are going to die tomorow but they matter less to me even as the days go by. i have learnt that nerds arent all brains they are very amusing at times and are much like everyone else except exceedingly going a little of subject here, i was born in new zealand by the wat and NO that doesnt mean i masterbate using sheep. no one here is probably from Australia so u must think i am a total freak......well i am but i wouldnt judge the rest of the population on me becasue as i have stated i am an abnormal kind of person in general society. i can never tell if people are laughing at or with me...i ponder on this subject frequently as i think people laugh at me... ohh well i laugh too so i cant b blaming them now.
Where is carrot35647 headed,
What is carrot35647 doing?
i am in year 9 in high do i know where im heading?
Motto: i dont really have a motto...if i did it would certainly sound cliche'
Turn Ons:
Turn Offs:
Hobbies, skills, interests: well unfortunatly i am extremely unco-ordinated therfor i dont really have skills in anything concerning a ball... i have to admit i am a nerd thou... i read alot of books but i still go out and hang with my friends and stuff. as my rebel friends would say i am a new breed of nerd. i love music i have to say i cant see the point of chasing a ball around for hours but the playing of guitar hypnotises me even though i play piano myself. although i am going to get guitar lessons next year due to me hasseling my mother endlessly.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: i am listening to music...slipknot, system of a down, HIM, anberlin, thousand foot krutch, that kind of music...i like heavy music but i cant help but like some softer music aswell...mostly to entertain myself on the internet i talk to my friends...we have the strangest conversations ranging from movies to flying pink elephants...(one of my friends a male i might add believes that flying pink elephants truely exist)
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