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Latest Entry: Oh, the link! (3/6/06)
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Contact TCcookie: Email: TCcookie at yahoo dot com
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Birthday September 6th, 1985
Location: Mesa, Arizona
TCcookie in one sentence: I can't describe myself in one sentence.
Full Bio:
I am in limbo, but--HALLELUJAH--I'm returning to school in January. I was fired from American Pacesetters and am about to initiaite a federal investigation of their employment practices.

I now work for my wonderful Uncle Lars doing... you guessed it, data entry. Pacesetters paid better, but, considering my back, this is somewhat of a miracle-job and the environment is infinitely better. I am enjoying it all right--it's work.

我一直学中文. 要是你想要帮助我一点儿就给我写一封"e-信。“

I will update my bio. eventually...
Where is TCcookie headed,
What is TCcookie doing?
I'm in limbo right now. Waiting on mission, but will need back surgery at some point. I will probably work for a few more months during surgery, go to school winter semester, then FINALLY go on a mission (will China be open by then?).
Motto: Be prepared!
Turn Ons: Genuineness


Sensible economic philosophy
Turn Offs: French (Actually, I like the language all right; it's just that its practicality is overrated)

"Note Signatures"

British spelling in an attempt to sound "formal" (or something; I can't quite get in the heads of the people who use it in this way)

"Miss Manners" Urgh! Trevor wonders how she got into the newspaper into a section so lofty as right next to the comics. Trevor also wonders if it's really proper (and not condescending or rudely pretentious) to speak constantly in the third-person.

The philosophy of self-sacrifice
Hobbies, skills, interests: Right now pretty much all I do like this is study Chinese. Wow, I love Chinese. Learn it, seriously.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: 蔡依林


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