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Latest Entry: when will the world learn to shut the hell up (1/9/06)
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Birthday October 2nd, 1986
Location: Tempe, AZ
ashley102 in one sentence: happily wandering the earth in search of my own path
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i'm in college, looking for my purpose in life....who isn't
Motto: work hard, play hard....and/or learn to laugh at life (both good and applicable)
Turn Ons: hmm wellll...if this is supposed to be the box where i describe what i find attractive in males, then here goes: anybody who can make me laugh is on my good side; sweet intelligent ones are a plus; any seemingly normal guy who has a secret nerdy side is oh-so hot; guys who are driven/confident in who they are and what they do are a must; i like guys who can easily go with the flow and be spontaeous; also, one that isn't afraid to be honest with himself and with others; i like guys who have good relationships with their mums; respectable ones are always good; and i seem to fall for blondes, chronically...
Turn Offs: ahh yes, turn offs....wellll i don't like guys who constantly put themselves down in every way; i hate guys who are just looking to get free ass (to put it lightly); and for god sakes, learn to laugh at yourself and at life. it makes things a lot easier.
Hobbies, skills, interests: i usually spend much of my free time in my bed sleeping away the daylight, but for the moments that i am awake, i do enjoy a few things.

i paint. not realistic paintings, though. i like to slap paint on canvas to interpret what emotion i'm feeling at the moment. my painting is more about color, rather than how well i portray something in real life.

i like to sew..and knit. Either will calm me down when i'm angry or upset.

i enjoy writing poetry, although none of it will ever be seen, so don't even try.

i love traveling with all my heart. my dream would be to live all over the world and learn as much as i possibly could from every person i come in contact with.

i like to take long drives in the country at night when the stars are out and i can just let my mind wander as i make my way through the beautifully fresh hills of tennessee with my music blaring out of my open windows.

i like to listen to music. it's my life and my saving grace.

What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: as of now, my music list contains: death cab for cutie, damien rice, bjork, sufjan stevens, the doors, boston, andrea bocelli, and probably several more i can't think of...

my tv choices are few and far between. i'd usually pick music over tv. but i do enjoy grey's anatomy and sex and the city. both beautifully written and brilliantly acted.

and as for reading, i am currently enthralled in memoirs of a geisha. some of my favorite authors/poets/playwrights include: emily dickinson, shakespeare, ibsen, tolstoy, and dostoevsky. my favorite book of all time is jonathan livinston seagull...utterly brilliant.
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