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User Since: 6/3/03
Journal Entries: 3
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Shouts: 15
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Latest Entry: wow.. I look like an AZN fool (10/2/03)
Last Seen: 1/17/04 @ 4:42:31 PM PST
Contact Neofascist: Email: kevinji86 at hotmail dot com
Birthday May 25th, 1986
Location: Never Here
Neofascist in one sentence: Gemini lacking a double.
Full Bio:
I have no idea what I meant in the above line, but I am certain that it is deep, thoughful and accurate. I am usually a cheerful guy, I guess, but moody sometimes too. Kinda like those manic-depressant psychos in movies (except I am not manic-depressant). Anyway, I have absolutely no hope in the past, and absolutely no trust in the future. <== thats kinda deep too, maybe I'll figure out what I meant by it one day.
Where is Neofascist headed,
What is Neofascist doing?
Durham, North Carolina, to chase a dream girl I met only once on a train ride to Denver.... (movie music plays) Actually, off to college
Motto: my lifestyle is my death style (lol)
Turn Ons: pretty eyes. Like Allyson Hinnanigan (because they are green) or like Mena Suvari (because they are quite large).

Good dialogue. No need for Sophocles, indeed that would be so boring, but please, a little more than a silent film.

Cookies... especially the macadamia nut and white chocolate chip kind.
Turn Offs: Loudness. Talk with confidence and voice, but always avoid loudness.

Warm sandwiches and sliced meat.

Tea with too much sugar.
Hobbies, skills, interests:
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?:
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