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Contact Quantum: Email: quantum15 at hotmail dot com
AIM: quantum330
Y!: type_quantum
Birthday March 17th, 1986
Location: Where the feline is!
Quantum in one sentence: Cock[y] bastard with a very very possible addiction to sex./Jesus sans the sandals and the whole Son-of-God thing.
Full Bio:
Basically, I get no respect. And I steal famous lines from comedians. When I am not doing that, I'm a student (of many things: bodies, language, body language, the human condition, every branch on the knowledge tree, and the wimmin) and sometimes a worker. I try to remain apathetic, lazy, and mostly useless, as I hate most of our society and try to do my part not to extend the hand of the money-grubbers tht run it by keeping myself out of the working pool. I have a great best friend, who is insane, a great girlfriend, who is ticklish, and several other great friends (who are alternatingly insane and/or ticklish). I keep my family close, although at somewhat of a distance as some of them are THIEVING MEXICANS. I keep my friends closer, usually, because they are just plain more fun. And I keep my enemies (unlike Tao Zhu suggested) far, far away, as they are my enemies, and as such would probably try to hurt me if they were close to me. Oh, and I am obsessed with the band 'Tool' and other various things.
Where is Quantum headed,
What is Quantum doing?
Mostly to eternal hell because right now I AM MASTURBATING.
Motto: Nothing can hold back that which does not wish to be held back. (- me, damnit)
Turn Ons: Ange, lingerie, beautiful faces, beautiful people, and Jennifer Connelly
Turn Offs: Men, most things associated with male genitalia, and Pamela Anderson
Hobbies, skills, interests: (imagine giant red flaming flashing letters that burns out half of your photo-receptors and leaves you shaking in your chair) Tool (end imagining), Ange, I'm a fast learner and science boy, as well as an aspiring artist (laughing is permitted) and human being (out-right jeering and cat-calling is permitted, as well)
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Sex (with SO MANY PEOPLE), Cartoon Network Adult Swim, friends (see the first word), family, West Wing, and assorted other things that are too cliche or taboo to discuss here
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