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User Since: 6/29/03
Journal Entries: 28
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Shouts: 59
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Latest Entry: WOW (1/6/06)
Last Seen: 1/6/06 @ 11:06:28 AM PST
Contact Cauterize: Email: gordansux8 at yahoo dot com
AIM: cauterize08
Birthday November 15th, 1985
Location: Nowhere
Cauterize in one sentence: clumsy, yet amusing and easily amused
Full Bio:
I guess I'll go with the trendy "random" word...
*My mind just goes and goes....and sometimes I will speak or act on what is going thru my head.
**Whether it be drinking milk 'till I puke in the drive thru at Del Taco as people order, or throwing 9 bouncy balls down a glass hallway just see what would happen...

#I'm pretty much up for anything...ya only live once...why not!?!?!#

~Who cares what people think~!!!!!

Where is Cauterize headed,
What is Cauterize doing?
Going to college...working at 2 nothing nowhere jobs.
Motto: variety is the key to life
Turn Ons: I don't get turned on...EVER!
*Dale Earnhardt Jr....
*Ashton Kutcher!!!!!!!!!!!!
*...oh dang!
*And body piercings!
*Frog guts...
*Boxer Briefs.....
*sincerity, and honesty!!!
*Yellow roses...
Turn Offs: *Maccaroni and cheese...or any discussion of the cheese
*anyone's mom...
*laughing too loud...
*homosexuals scare me...(Jeff Gordon!)
*dishonesty...yes even the whitest of lies count!
*bad breath...

Hobbies, skills, interests: #SKILLS#
~lifting people up? (not literally...I WISH I was buff!) I can make a 3 leafed clover with my tongue!~
~I now collect lawn gnomes/trinkets (sorry if yours is missing!) I like meeting new people and talking with them...they've all got a story to tell~

~Boy/the chief~
NASCAR...What a pansy sport now!

What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Coheed is the best! Can't get past them...I sleep and go to school and work... and getting my back pierced!!!
heck yeah...oh dang! In the shape of a star?!?!?!?!
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