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User Since: 7/3/03
Journal Entries: 92
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Shouts: 138
Notes: 140
Latest Entry: Title and Registration (9/17/04)
Last Seen: 3/26/05 @ 8:39:16 PM PST
Contact Lux: Email: ace_li at hotmail dot com
AIM: maximus4586
Birthday April 23rd, 1986
Location: Grey Area
Lux in one sentence: Sometimes vodka and pistols don't mix.
Full Bio:
Alright, so I'm just another average kid slugging it out to try to attend a prestigious university in the hopes of making some contacts, getting some education, scoring a honey, and making it big. Yup, just another one of a motley crew of millions.

So... what sets me apart? Not much really. Average intelligence. Average height. Average build. Hell, I even belong to the world's largest ethnicity. So what is individuality anyways? Cause I obviously need some. Either that or I am just lying to you. It would be rather pointless to do the latter and hopeless to do the former so perhaps I be fargged.

Anyways, I got dreams, just like everybody else, and just like everybody else, you shoot for the stars and are damn lucky to not hit your neighbor's window.
Where is Lux headed,
What is Lux doing?
To swim practice I go
Motto: Et lux en tenebris lucet!
Turn Ons: Girls with pretty faces and nice figures.

Really noticeable eyes, like light blue or bright green.

The picture Sliced Ice showed me. California... no, not the state.

A brain behind the beautiful smile.

Iced mochas, iced frappucinos, and bubble tea.
Turn Offs: Cyberhobbes

Dumb people.

Ghetto people.

Pointless movies.

Crappy teachers.

Potheads, alcoholics, and your assorted stalkers.
Hobbies, skills, interests: I write. As feminine as that may sound, it's what I like and it's what I'm good at.

Oh, and I swim and make bad jokes all day long.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Music videos

Foreign films

Odd films

The web
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