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User Since: 7/17/03
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Latest Entry: life, or somthing like it (12/3/03)
Last Seen: 12/3/03 @ 6:17:15 PM PST
Contact A_Broken_Tragedy: Email: guitarchick322 at yahoo dot com
Birthday March 22nd, 1988
Location: Arizona
A_Broken_Tragedy in one sentence: An open minded, funky, music obsessed individual who's always willing to try anything once.
Full Bio:
I'm a fun-loving individual who loves laughing. I play accustic guitar and I am hoping to get an electric one soon. I love meeting new people and leanring new things. I live life one day at a time.
Where is A_Broken_Tragedy headed,
What is A_Broken_Tragedy doing?
I'm not sure where I'm headed, all I know is that I love living life one day at a time.
Motto: Shit Happens...
Turn Ons: *somone who can appreciate the small things and who doesnt rush through life
Turn Offs: *superficial people
Hobbies, skills, interests: *i write songs and play them on my guitar...i was in a band but i just moved here so im no longer in one...i enjoy going to shows...concerts...listening to music and somtimes i just like sitting outside at night and looking at the stars, just laying there and thinking...its soothing...other than that i get through school and hang out with friends.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I'm listening to Greenday, "Time Of Your Life" because its always fun to listen to the stuff you used to listen to in 6th grade . :-) I'm watching a show on the Discovery Health chanel about Aging.
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