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User Since: 7/19/03
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Latest Entry: I was a prick (2/21/04)
Last Seen: 10/11/05 @ 4:38:17 PM PST
Contact ShallowHalsGal: Email: JellyBean2cfm at yahoo dot com
AIM: wrong e-mail.sry. thats wat i tried first, but it was taken. mine is
Birthday April 25th, 1991
Location: California
ShallowHalsGal in one sentence: A very passionate and inetellectual young girl.
Full Bio:
I am miss-understood. I know I am. Its no suprise. I am smart, I skipped a grade, but it doesn;t mean much. Im really pretty tall, so nobody notices.I wish someone would just come up to me and tell me i was a wonderfully smart person. but anyway, thats for the entries. pretty face, full figure, long bushy dirty blond hair, bright glacier blue eyes.& a genuine smile.a true loner, but a happy one. ive got cats. big hope, a boy who truly loves me and i can see it in his eyes who would fill the whole in my picture.struggle, quest for self confidence. thats really what i need to fill the whole, but for somereason i just cant fess up to it.thats me, if u love me and are intrigued by me TELL ME!!! I need the incouragement.
Where is ShallowHalsGal headed,
What is ShallowHalsGal doing?
I am ironing out my life and heading towards a new one that will fullfill my wants and needs.
Motto: Better Safe than Sorry.
Turn Ons: Great eyes, great smile, most combinations of brown hair and blue eyes, romanticness(u know, like a true gift for making u feel loved), spontinaity, thoughtfullness, compassion, kindess, genuineity(I made it up, ok), and the ability to have all this without being gay.
Turn Offs: cockiness, shallowness, insensitivity, lack of proper emotions, and not to be a "manly man".
Hobbies, skills, interests: singing, acting, playing with cats, writing, reading, dreaming.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I watch disney channel.yep. Its good, I like to read ANYTHING, as long as its fiction.and my cats can make me happy and laugh even at the worst moments.
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