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User Since: 7/25/03
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Latest Entry: Year around school? (8/5/03)
Last Seen: 8/9/03 @ 4:29:29 PM PST
Contact Yiyi: Email: Yiyi098 at yahoo dot com
AIM: dont have one
MSN: dont have one
Y!: dont even use it
Birthday January 27th, 1987
Location: Arizona
Yiyi in one sentence: The drive must be present for work to be done.
Full Bio:
When work has to be done it will be done.
When work can be pushed to the side it will be to the side.
When one can think, thoughts will be created.
When one enjoys himself, things will get accomplished.
But in it all i am not happy as long as someone by me is unhappy.
I am also a secretive person taught to keep things within the family and close friends so for one to know me she or he must get close to me (this is also the reason i might or might not post too many posts-sry).
That is why i like to please others, but sometimes myself.
But in it all i am just lazy.

If your were wondering why i do not have emails or messengers, i prefer verbal and one to one conversations much more than the non-personal nature offered only by a computer. But if u must get a hold of me email me at
Where is Yiyi headed,
What is Yiyi doing?
To school then some place better than AZ.
Motto: Promise everything deliver nothing. - Napolean
Turn Ons: turn ons starting with the most important working my way down:
Intelligent girls,
who say what is on their mind and dont hold anything back.
(To with hold the truth is to tell a lie.)

Also Relativly attractive girls with a good and a personality to try new things.

Turn Offs: turn offs starting with the worst turn off and working my way down:
Country and some pop.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Heavy metal!!!
Computer games,
my vehicle,
i also consider myself as a leader but dont know ezactly what i lead.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I am listening to Metallica,
etertaining myself currently with this website,
and soon going to go see a movie with a few friends (goal to see every movie this summer; keep in mind i see movies for free; got to love friends who work at AMC).
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