this is the last night i will let you keep me awake.
by surrogate sonance
(361 views) - 1/19/04
(recorded 1/19/04 @ 3:51:48 AM)
My consolation prize has been lost. (“You’re my silver medal.”)

That’s really all it was. If I had really been into him, I would be either

a) crazy –both metaphorically speaking, in reference to the two hours it takes to drive to see one another and that we are horrible for each other, and literally, in the psychosis attributed to the fact that we are horrible for each other
b) on some kind of drug. several, most likely.
c) so sick of boys trying to hard to impress girls. actually, I think I already am. least when I was bored or lonely, there was someone to talk to.

(“If I were you, *smoke smoke smoke* I’d erase him so you wouldn’t be tempted to talk to him again.”)

This isn’t the first time its happened, but it is the first time I think both me and the other person both realized at the same time that it was completely wrong… I pick (sometimes, usually arbitrary) points in a relationship, and decide that I’m not passing them. Well, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Instead, leave at 4:30 in the morning.
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I love you. *hug*

   [enlite (J:: M) 1/19/04 8:23 AM]

never knew the guy, cant say i wish i had.

not as much of a predator as we thought.

   [Sliced Ice (J) 1/19/04 8:38 PM]

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