by amnesiac
(328 views) - 1/30/04
(recorded 1/30/04 @ 1:35:48 PM)
bad things come in threes or something like that. if that's the case, it's been three... not for me, directly, but for people I care about. I don't want any more bad news. I'm afraid to talk on the phone, for fear that the next thing I hear will be worse than the things before that. and every time I hear something new, I'm not quite sure what to say. the first time, I acted. there was something I could do to attempt to make things right. maybe something will come of it. the second time, I was just glad to know that my friend is all right. and my mom took him cookies because she rocks. the last thing was something I could have never imagined. who knows how that story will end, but I pray that it turns out ok. in the mean time, I'm not sure what to make of anything. I don't want to think about any of it. I need a distraction...
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