for lack of profound thought... POST #4
by amnesiac
(311 views) - 2/10/04
(recorded 2/10/04 @ 10:16:00 PM)
“so if your shoes are size 13 and his are 12, does that mean his… you know… is bigger?”

“I read the headline ‘Girls arrested at school for making up story about attack’ and then I saw the ad for the science center, with the dinosaur… and I thought the girl had said she had been attacked by dinosaurs.”

“what’s ‘dies ambos’ mean?”
“ambos is both. And dies is in English.”
“dies is English?”
“don’t believe a word I say.”
“sorry man, thank you for flying Delta right over my head.”
“gullible is written on the ceiling.”
“so i'm drinking my gatorade, and i read that, and i look up, just a quick glance”

"I never knew that so many people were up at 9 in the morning. because, you know, I was never up at 9." or 10... or 12... or 5 in the afternoon.

It took me at least 5 months to realize why the name of the place that sells deep-fried mars bars is so funny… A Salt and Battery. Ha.

And a question for a work in progress, it's a group effort… where would you make out in NYC?
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