The March of the Clouds (Canto I)
by Ozymandias
(516 views) - 2/14/04
(recorded 2/14/04 @ 11:41:01 AM)
The clouds drifted across the sky like massive ships,
I watched them.
I saw them slowly progress towards the battle,
That dark gray.
Giant beams from the sun pushed them farther like
Spears of light.

A low rumble shook my chest,
Resonating inside like a cave,
Pounding on cold empty walls,
Scratching at them,
Trying to escape.

Reminds me of past prisoners,
Ones that filled me,
That loved me,
That hated me.

I could feel their ghosts all around
Watching me as I watched the sky,
Waiting and anticipating.

I began to move forward again,
Ignoring their stares.

All I could do was progress.

The blue of the sky was changing now,
Red, Orange, Purple.

The floating ships glowed with the sun
As wave after wave slid past
Moving faster and faster into the dark.

They dropped bombs of light on the mountains;
They fired water at the ground.
The Heavenly assaulted the Earth
As I stepped and watched.

I was running,
My feet leaping off the ground,
Leaping over relics and antiques.
I was charging,
My mind ignoring their cries.

My soul was as cold and light as the clouds,
But my body anchored me there,
Soaked by their bullets,
Holding me down as I fell
And mud splashed on my face like blood,
As I sank, and watched the sky watching me.
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