all of a sudden, I care
by amnesiac
(332 views) - 2/16/04
(recorded 2/16/04 @ 1:25:29 AM)
Mutual respect. I can respect your feelings if you’ll respect mine.
I feel like there’s a lot of drama around here and I know I’ve made myself the mediator. Maybe that was not the best choice, but I’m still hearing you and listening to you and respecting what you say. You tell me this is how you feel. I can accept that. I tell you that I don’t feel the same way and you don’t believe me. Fine. I can’t prove my feelings. I don’t have the words to explain, but I try anyway. You leave when it’s my turn to talk. But you don’t come back. And I know you don’t have many places to go in this big city we call home. And it’s 2 degrees outside and no one in their right mind is walking these streets at this hour. You don’t call. You don’t tell any of us where you are or what you’re doing or even just that you’re ok. I worry. Then I call and call. Your phone rings and your voicemail plays your familiar voice. We go from place to place thinking of anywhere one might be at this hour. We give up, think of a new plan, and you call. I’m glad you called before we got the police involved, but what the hell were you thinking? I feel frustrated. Can you respect that?
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