A night without Tetris
by enlite
(383 views) - 2/29/04
(recorded 2/29/04 @ 2:39:43 AM)
...is like a night without stars.

Damn this blackened world!! That's two nights in a row!

Last night Evan, Chris, and myself decided that it was fully necessary for the three of us to sleep in the same bed. Well maybe Evan didn't have much of a choice, it being his bed after all. Regardless that there was a pull-out bed and a big arm chair in the living room, plenty of space in angela's bed, and carpet galore, we indeed needed to all fit into the bed.

Amazingly we did it in a fashion comfortable enough to merit a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, after the nonsensical ramblings and inane giggling of me and Chris, due in partiality to Angela and her new-man Steve, but mostly to fatigue. After approximately two hours of hilarity, one point at which we were both in the kitchen, crying with laughter and stomachs aching, we finally managed to "simmah down now-uh" enough to fall asleep. Evan surprised me with a sudden "oh I rolled over" move, but I countered with a "fine, then i'll put my arm around you so you don't fall off the bed" attack. Chris, in what I assumed to be a deep sleep, insisted on saying "Ssss...scoot!" every so often, after each interjection which I sat up to see if the demand heeded any real reasoning.

Unfortunately, B called my phone at 9:15am and woke everyone up. Evan, who handed me the phone, doesn't remember a thing. I bailed out at 9:30 and headed to Gilbert for the Momentum show, which doesn't deserve any attention in the comical part of this entry.

Said portion of entry is now finished. Please move on.

I feel that neither you nor I need to be bothered by these topics for a long amount of time, so, in this fashionably stylistic list I give you the updates of the Tony Times:

Momentum: fuck you, i don't care.

Mesquite: i will bring pungee sticks if need be...

"Passion" the movie: thank you for re-igniting the faith in stupid people. now i have to put up with religious bullshit for the next several weeks while some try to convert me and others accuse me of being "too conservative" to appreciate art. i love art, and i'll tell you something -- beating the shit out of jesus and then murdering him is a kind of art that's a bit too masochistically sadistic for me. and really, why the hell do you enjoy it? fucking crazies... yes, the jews, blah blah...

People and their "I'm Thankful for..." lists: please don't. I've read three this week, and everyone of them has omitted me. while i don't expect to be the brightests star in your sky, it is somewhat disappointing not to be aknowledged every now and then. so unless you're sure you're covering everyone/thing you're actually thankful for, don't bother, because someone is always going to be left out, and that's never fun to explain.

Disbot: i love you, and i'm not afraid to say it.

Jeremy: figure it out.

Sean: if you insult my "fashion" again, i will take the necessary steps to prove to you that you are the extreme on my "idiot" scale.

Ryan: c'mon, you know you like it.

This has already gone on long enough, so I leave you with the following inside jokes:

"I think I need glasses..."
"Man, I was really wasted earlier..."
"What are you gonna do, eat it?" and
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Hah. I didn't know I talk in my sleep, even if it is shooing you away from me. I liked how there were at least three levels of sheet-coverage, separating us rightly. As for laughing too hard that I cried, yeah, that was... Wow...

Hehe... BLT...

And "awww, that's mean". "But really, really funny".

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 2/29/04 9:11 AM]

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