by Spork
(414 views) - 3/11/04
(recorded 3/11/04 @ 8:07:27 PM)
Good day all. Have you ever wondered what it would be like sinking your face into a whip cream pie and digging around with only your mouth, nose, and cheecks for poker chips and a cherry?... neither have I, but today I found out anyway. Yup, there was a pie contest in honor of March 14 because it will be 3/14 aka 3.14 (if anyone gets that, please know that I'm very proud!) Anyway, I TOTALLY won the first round (no matter what Krystle says) and would have won the final round if I had thought to jump up. (dang them technicalities) There was only like one down side to the entire battle... IT GOT IN MY NOSE!!! I've been wondering around for like six hours smelling nothing but funky old whip cream! I tried washing it out several times yet the stench is still within me! Make it go away!!!!... Wow, I just realized that, to some of you, that was WAY too much information so I would like to appologize now. So yeah, that was cool and I recommend that you all go out and try this pie thing at least once! Then shut your pie hole!(I couldn't resist!)

Oh, has anyone ever played Pictionary and realized that you really shouldn't be aloud to even hold a pencil let alone draw like the wind! If you haven't guessed it, I played, realized, and felt shame for my poor disfigured drawings. But hey, at least I didn't draw a flaming cat or a triangle door. (nobody ask)

Well I'm spent for the night. I'll be talking to ya'll later so stay happy and keep on trucking.

~Spork's quote of the day: If the sky is blue, then what color are my pants?
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hmm. we played Pictionary in my Spanish class. some dude shouted 'APENAS' but everyone heard it as 'A PENIS'. that ruled.

   [sound affects (J) 3/11/04 8:36 PM]

Whoa... Jake, Jack, and I were talking about that 3.14 thingy in German the other day. Jake actually worked it out to something totally different. *shrugs* But whatever, glad it was a day for Gabby to be Gabby. Haha. That was awesome how I had my groupies following me after school.

Just remembered something... Your whipped cream smell reminds me of the one time at Amanda's party when Cory and I had an icing fight... I smelled icing in my hair for a week. Haha. You 'member that, don't you?

Spork, you rule!! Your entries always seem to make me giggle.
   [Ashness (J) 3/11/04 8:49 PM]

... woah... sound affects... you're in Mr. Gutz class 3rd hour right? If so, that means you're in my class because that's totally what happened in MY class... woah. That's awsome!!! :)

   [Spork (J) 3/14/04 8:17 PM]

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