Car Trouble
by Spork
(406 views) - 3/16/04
(recorded 3/16/04 @ 3:05:44 PM)
Hello and welcome to the life of a Petcu (my last name for those of you who are uneducated about who I am). You see, it is a known fact that NOTHING goes right in our family. A simple warning to all of you, if you’d like to live a long and prosperous life, do not hang out with any of us. Anyway, on to my story. For the past few weeks, our car (the crapy Kia) has been scratching whenever we would go over a bump. My mother, being the wonderful mechanic that she is, told us not to worry, "it is just a crappy car." So we successfully ignored it and avoided bumps until today when our poor little car met its match in front of Big O tires on Baseline Road. If any of you have ever been there or drive by there sometime in the future, please notice the huge bump covered by the sheets of metal at the turn in to that mini mall. Well anyway, we turned in and actually caught the bottom of the car onto the metal of the bump! After a second of confusion and simply hitting the gas harder, our muffler was pulled clear off and I was sent out to retrieve it. So I jumped out, and with my bare hands, grabbed the scolding muffler! My mother, noting the heat given off by this hunk of metal, handed me two Wal-Mart bags so I wouldn't grab it directly. I heaved it into the trunk and I must tell you, the bags did nothing! The heat, not really unexpected, went through the tiny little bags and now my hands hurt horribly! I am surprised I still have fingerprints! Then, we sped the entire mile drive home. I still have tears in my eyes from cracking up about the whole situation. I mean, just think what the other people witnessed in that minute period of Petcu’s distress. My dad took it to the shop a little while ago so there are no worries but I'd just like to say one last time, welcome to the life of a Petcu. Well I’m signing off now. Bye folks.

~Spork’s quote of the day: The cheesecake strikes at midnight.
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