If it wiggles and comes in a can, eat it
by Savvy
(546 views) - 3/21/04
(recorded 3/20/04 @ 11:50:14 PM)
You know... me being the type who didn't have a totally positive experience in high school but fearing the label, "thinks he's too good for his hometown" I'm willing to make my efforts so since I've been home for a couple months, when a couple of old classmates dial me up to go out for some beers and pool, I'm down. But it never fails. Some kid that I actually enjoyed knowing back then has a few too many and looks to start shit with me. I know it's nothing because he was actually friendly when the night started but what is this...I come home and try to be social and people wanna push. Whatever, just because my odds of violent encounters going uptown continue to be at 100%. bleh. I'm not gonna let it rule my opinion of this place...but it's something you take into account.

Drama...it's fun for one and all, so i guess I'll embrace it a little. I just wish I shrugged it off enough not to mention it. It wiggles so normally I wouldn't dare...but it comes in a can, and I opened it...so I might as well eat it.
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I think the entire entry's energy is silenced by the last two words. Remove those, and you have something.

I could be wrong.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 3/21/04 2:15 AM]

hmm, good point. I'd blame the alcohol but I don't but it's so good to me I better take the blame.

I might be wrong.
   [Savvy (J) 3/21/04 11:06 AM]

why change it? that's how i wrote it ;)

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 3/22/04 8:06 PM]

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