i did it!!
by depressional poet
(281 views) - 3/27/04
(recorded 3/27/04 @ 7:48:01 PM)
i went to fine arts this year yesterday came back today....i did good.
i got superior (meaning i go to the second round to see if i make it to nationals) on everything. then my vocal solo made nationals!! along with marla and ryan. all three of our solos made nationals and nothing else did...kinda saddening but whatever.

yeah thats really the only thing thats happened....

for now...............
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That's very cool that you actually made nationals! I'm very impressed/proud. And the like.

Meanwhile, it's too bad that it's in... San Antonio and not DC like last year- it was just... *so* awesome.

You'll have a good time if you guys get the monies and the like... Cool stuff...

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 3/27/04 8:53 PM]

im excited yeah id rather it be in washington dc then *AUSTIN TEXAS* and next year itll be in denver colorado another one of the lame places around here.
for now...

   [depressional poet (J) 3/27/04 11:43 PM]

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