It's one fine day: aside from the Seasonal Affective Disorder epidemic
by Savvy
(553 views) - 3/28/04
(recorded 3/28/04 @ 10:35:25 PM)
I'm having a thought about my long term process in dealing with the people I meet. It's never been all that contrived in the amount of time I spend with people. I hang out with certain people when I feel like it or when they feel like it. But O'Reilly has had me considering the need to be more judgemental of how much I share with whom.

But the thought for the day is that from this point on it will continue to be only a somewhat concious evaluation. I owe it to myself to be aware of when I'm around untrustworthy people but this is something that my intuition should kind of sort out on its own.

If I'm involved with someone who is emotionally unstable to the point of being continually dependant on me or I have a tendency to become dependent on them, a certain amount of distance will have to be my reaction.

The people I've met over the past year are earning my trust, but the evidence of the legitimacy of that trust is relative and I ought to understand that since I enjoy meeting new people so much that the "newness" feeling that energizes me is a dangerous one and I could potentially put too much faith in a connection that won't have stability over time.

I think my thoughts are reading more and more like stereo-instructions...I consider it a side affect of the textual philosophy I've been engaged in for the past few years. I guess it's a step up from the stream of consciousness "poetry" that preceded it.
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Ok, you had me interested until "O'Reilly"... then I spit on your entry =) Think for yourself not what some pretentious, failing political nobody says.

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 3/30/04 11:38 AM]

mmm...Juicy. I hope you'll give me the benefit of the doubt that I have been and will continue to think for myself throughout my lifetime analysis of the talking heads of the world. In regard to this specific entry. It might have been misleading in the wording. I definitely have had some experiences that lead me to question the whole theory of "If you hang out with buttholes, you'll have nothing but buttholes coming around you." My Freshman year of college I took on a philosophy of not being judgemental of anyone. My experiences since then have lead me to refine things quite a bit. O'Reilly just clarified the dangers of this subject in his most recent book. I tend to believe O'Reilly is in my corner on a lot of issues. That's hard to come by sometimes.

I was very skeptical when I approached O'Reilly a couple years back. I continue to disagree with O'Reilly on a lot of things. Whether you believe it or not I'm not some kind of ideologue or miniature O'Reilly. I do think he provides an important point of view. I tend to believe that if I reject any of the pundit-types without giving them a fair shake then I might miss out something important...even if what that is is a strong distaste for their point of view.

Plus the last thing I am in the position to do is criticize someone for being pretentious. Envision a pot calling a kettle names. He is fully ready to admit most of his most visible flaws and the fact that he's been successful in journalism in the way he has and has had a lot more experience on this planet than I have is reason enough for me to give him a second look. I might be wrong, maybe he does too much editorializing to be objectively informing me in the least bit.

I'd love to continue this one if you have more feelings on the subject. Plus, if I fail to address something or have the appearance of not thinking for myself, don't be afraid to call me out on it. If I think you're being genuine, I'll try to appreciate what you say if for that reason alone. Thanks.

I might be wrong.

I might be wrong.
   [Savvy (J) 3/30/04 5:32 PM]

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