Cars are bigger than you- they will knock you down.
by surrogate sonance
(340 views) - 4/7/04
(recorded 4/7/04 @ 4:49:46 PM)

My chem lecture is in PS-H. My next class in the brickyard- mill and seventh street. Its not really that big a deal, I kinda like the walk- it’s a quiet chance to think.

So today I was walking to class a little later than normal- I had some things to take care of before my trek out there. The thought “I’m going to miss these long walks” had passed through my head. I had a lot to think about, happy stuff, but that is for another entry.

So there I am, in an uncharacteristically good mood, standing on the south side of University, waiting for the crosswalk. I get the green light and the signal beeps for the seeing impaired. I start to cross.

As I get about halfway through, I notice an impatient pick-up that wants to turn left. I see him coming my way, but he was going slow, and I couldn’t imagine him not stopping.

He did stop. After he hit me.

I stayed down for the few seconds I did out of shock mostly. I suppose I did fall pretty far- witnesses (and there were several- people can be really helpful in time of need, I guess I just never needed it before) said I flew five or six feet. I noticed a car coming towards me, and so I got up quickly.

Before I could really figure out exactly what was going on, I realized that one of the people helping out of the road had a gun- he was a police academy sergeant. Despite my assurances that I felt just fine—which I did, and still do—he insisted on calling the fire department. I’m physically okay, but worked up and a bit shocked and no one quite wanted to believe that I really did feel alright, even the firemen, who sped to the corner, lights and sirens and all.

Eventually the sarge left, and a motorcycle cop helped me tell the firemen I was fine: this cop was the only one that really listened to me. He issued the driver a ticket and gave me his insurance stuff (even though I have no intentions of needing it). He told me to call my folks and pay attention to how I felt, but said he figured that I was no worse off than a football player who’d taken a bunch of hits during a game.

I walked the short bit left to class and called my folks. They were way concerned, which was nice I guess, but really all it succeeded in doing was make me get worked up and worried- was I more hurt than I realized? My mom wanted me to call people to make sure that there were people around who were aware of the situation if something happened. I doubt she meant it to, but that got me really worked up, and I was basically hysterical when I called Tony to “warn” him. I went to class, told Jack why I was late and why I looked like shit, and regained my composure.

I understand the football tackle analogy that the cop used, and Beau told me that he figures it’s a solid one, and if its true I’ll be sore tomorrow. Aside from a bruise on my hip and a sore wrist, I’m fine.

Sorry to anyone that I might have freaked out with this. I’d never been in a car accident before. And let me tell you: a pick-up truck coming at you is pretty fucking scary.

I’m in a good mood- I’m really glad I’m not hurt. Like one of the witnesses said to me: “Well, your day can only get better from here.”
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Not trying to uneccesarily worry you, but all those people were probably justified in worrying. Spinal injuries can be easily masked by shock.

But hey, at least you had a really good excuse for why you were late for class.

   [Ziabatsu (J) 4/7/04 5:11 PM]

It's good to hear that you are alright for the most part. I imagine having any vehicle hit you probably sucks and hopefully you are fine and don't have any other medical problems. Cause those suck and going to doctor's offices suck. I use that word a lot suck... anyway, we'll be over Friday for partying and midget porn, hope to see you fine! =)

   [Diffused (J) 4/7/04 9:36 PM]

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