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by Spork
(443 views) - 4/7/04
(recorded 4/7/04 @ 9:33:14 PM)
Good day all. How's life treating you?

Well, I must tell you I have recently discovered, over the past few weeks that is, that I AM A SISSY!! I know, I know, I was surprised and frightened as well, but all the characteristics of a sissy exist in me (no matter how hard to believe it is!) This traumatizing matter all began a few weeks ago when one of my close buddies took it upon herself to repeativly jump and yell at me on our trips in the car. The high pitch scream I gave off EVERY single time she did it (all within a 5 minute period mind you) made me wonder about my true sissy orientation. Now, all because of that dear, dear friend, I am now VERY jumpy whenever I'm in the car and freak out constantly! It's just sick and wrong I tell you! Oh, and to add on to that, today she did the whole scary jump on me thing at school and of course, my true sissy roots came out and I shrilled yet again. Now the truth is out and I can't say that I'm proud. *shakes head sadly* I mean, a sissy... me? Never thought it could happen.

Moving on, yesturday I sprained my ankle by being a complete idiot. Here's what happened: I stayed after school to hang out with two friends and realized that they were both in the bathroom together. Now I couldn't just pass up that perfect opportunity so I creeped into the restroom entrance, as stealthy as I could, switched the lights off and on really quick, and ran. I have to admit, I was very gleeful when I heard them scream and the manly voice of my friend yell "I'm gonna kill you!" So I thought I could nimbly look back and mock her... well I was wrong. Apparently I can't be nimble for my simple half turn sent my left foot sideways, flat on the floor, and I proceeded to step down and feel it pop! OW!!! My ankle got so swollen that right now I still can't find my ankle knob (little bone located on outside of ankle in case you people don't know.) Yup, so I was in agonizing pain all day today as I limped around at school, but now I can actually walk! *does happy dance until ankle pops and I fall to floor* I think I really learned my lesson this time too... I won't turn the bathroom light back on so it takes them longer to get out and I'll be in a safe place resting my feet. See that, I'm a smart one. ;)

Wow I have a lot to write today. Here's my last topic, I swear it. Last weekend I spent with my ticklish, blonde friend who extremely sucks at Bop it (no matter what she says) and ran into my hand many, many times. In fact, you guys just read about her becasue it was this "wonderful" person that helped me realize my sissy-ness. Anyway, I thought the weekend was awesome! We "camped" in a cabin with a kitchenette so everyone keeps saying, "that's not camping," but you know what... I don't care! I'm calling it camping until the day I die so no one complain! Moving on, we watched a lot of movies, messed around, and (as my brother calls it) mooched food off of other people all weekend. I liked it. Oh, and that girl's family rocks! I swear, they're pretty much all awesome, except for her little brother but what can you do? One more thing about my friend... she "likes to rip off clothes." I know. I was scared to. (to all of you with your sick minds out there, she did not actually rip off any clothes while I was there so get your mind out of the gutter.)

Now I think I'm spent for the night and my brother's ranting about how, "the devil taught him to play dis here guitar real good," in an accent... help me... G'night and don't let them huge, rat-sized spiders get you... they're scary. Sweet dreams folks

~Sporks quote of the day: N-o-m-bar twooo!!! (very few of you, if any will get this. *tear* moments like this make me proud.) ;)
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Ha ha!!!

   [QuickSilver (J) 4/8/04 6:10 AM]

Write more Gabby!!! Tell them about the whole sprite incident!!! Do it do it!!!!
   [QuickSilver (J) 4/30/04 7:34 PM]

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