a meadow in CO
by naked
(349 views) - 5/5/04
(recorded 5/5/04 @ 12:02:21 PM)
im sure i would give anything to be there. peaceful. thats what i want my life to be like. beautiful. when you are apart of it, you feel the same way i do... all the time. nice. <---- i realize i never make sense when i write, i basically just need to get it out.

i want to be done with everything that upsets me. there are so many people and so many things that i don't need. why is it there? oh yeah, im sure to make me stronger. what if i am ok w/ being weak? why is every decision made for me? i want to live my life with no one obscurring my view. maybe im being selfish, but its my life, and i want to live it my way.

its sometimes difficult being the person that i am. no one understands. b/c no one knows who i want to be.

i miss everything that i knew as a child.
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true happiness, peacefulness and joy comes from inside. if u look for others to make u happy, then u'll look a LONG time. vacation is a mental thing, take one...

   [Blakesta (J) 5/5/04 3:15 PM]

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