The Valley
by bondservant
(311 views) - 5/9/04
(recorded 5/9/04 @ 7:58:27 PM)
There is something about times I get to spend in the valley that I like. I guess I don't actually like the bad times themselves, I like what results from them. For some reason or another, I seem to need the sobering moments to keep everything straight in my mind.

Yesterday was one of those valley times. I was miserable. Four of my best friends left school and left me here all alone, all by myself. And when I say alone, I really mean it. From the time they left (at about 2:30) until about 11 pm when my dear friend called, I did not see, hear or speak to another person.

It's not like I locked myself in my room either. I actually walked around campus looking for someone--but, alas, I came up empty. There was no one, and I was miserable.

I needed someone to talk to, to comfort me. There was no one to call either. The people I wanted to call were either not home or I didn't have their home numbers.

So I sat in my dorm room and did homework. My Hebrew was interupted intermittently by tears. I would have to climb out of my chair and jump on my bed, burying my face in my pillow.

I really don't know why I was so incredibly upset. But "why" doesn't really matter. I just was.

Now to the good part. Because there was no one to comfort me here at school, I had to seek comfort somewhere else. God seemed an obvious choice. I was basically forced to spend some good quality time with God. Admittedly, I was a bit reluctant at first--I really wasn't in the mood--but in the end He comforted me so much. By the time the phone rang at 11 pm, my valley had be thrust upward.

The six hours of misery were nice because, they got put my focus where it belongs--on my God.

(Okay, so that story sucked. Sorry. It happened, so I wrote about it.)
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